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Our top tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring

An engagement ring is a truly special piece of Jewellery, a magical ring worn everyday and much admired which symbolises and encapsulates your unique romance. At Julian Stephens we understand popping the question is a unique, exciting and special time for you.  ...

August’s Birthstone: the pleasing Peridot

This month we uncover interesting facts and history of the Peridot gemstone which is the birthstone for August. Peridot is one of the few precious gemstones which is only found in one colour; green. There are variations to the specific tone of green Peridot, which are...

Ravishing Rubies: the birthstone for July

Learn more about the precious Ruby The term Ruby originates from the Latin ‘Ruber’ which translated quite literally means red. The beautiful Ruby gemstone is instantly recognisable for its rich and sumptuous red hue. Rubies have been long regarded as a prized,...

Garnet Birthstone gifts by Julian Stephens

Glorious Garnets January is the perfect time of year to celebrate fresh beginnings, resolutions, crisp winter weather and for some, Birthdays! So if you enjoy a January birth date then the beautiful Garnet is your lucky, precious birthstone. The word Garnet originates...

The Precious Pearl: June’s Birthstone

The beautiful Pearl is one of three precious gemstones associated with the Birthstone for June, which also include Alexandrite and Moonstone. This month we have chosen to focus on the timelessly chic and precious Pearl as our featured birthstone. The word “pearl”...


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