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May Birthstone: Elegant Emerald Jewellery

Every naturally formed Emerald is unique in both in colour and its internal pattern and structure. These distinctive characteristics make this precious May Birthstone both instantly recognisable and mean that every Emerald is different, special and completely...

Delicious Diamonds: the Birthstone for April

Who isn’t drawn to the delicious sparkle of a beautiful diamond? For anyone celebrating an April Birthday then the divine Diamond is your birthstone, which is a great excuse to treat yourself to one of the most sparkly, sought-after and celebrated gemstones! Julian...

Aquamarines, the precious & beautiful March Birthstone

The Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, this gorgeous gemstone is most commonly found in array of bright and crisp pale blue and aqua hues. Aquamarine is a perfect source of inspiration for Brighton Goldsmith and contemporary Jewellery designer Julian Stephens to...


Julian Stephens



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